We want to get to know who you are before starting the revamping process.  What are your likes and dislikes? What you are willing to try? What are you not okay with?  Here are our steps:

  • Step 1 – provide you with a questionnaire (get to know you)
  • Step 2 – place items you no longer need onto a clothes rack
  • Step 3 – come to an agreement on what should be kept vs. not kept
  • Step 4 – give recommendations on kept items (how they can be worn in different ways)
  • Step 5 – advise on additions needed to your closet and/or dresser (ex: black dress, more colors, satchel bag, clutch, belts, jewelry, organizers)
  • Step 6 – take pics of the outfits you are having difficulty organizing.  We send recommendations to you via email within a week.  This will be less stressful for you to figure out on your own.
  • Step 7 – we take the discarded items away for you (to be donated)

*Closet revamping includes 1 closet and 1 dresser per person

{COST: $200.00}


Option 1
(Basic) – we create a look for you using your very own wardrobe (5 outfits max)

{COST: $100.00}

Option 2
(Full) – we go to the store and provide the outfit(s) for you (this includes online shopping)

{COST: $250.00}

Option 3
(Hands – On) – go shopping with us!  This will teach you to be an independent shopper (includes your favorite store and/or our suggested locations)

{COST: $350.00}

Option 4
(The Ultimate ModRx) – get all 3 options combined ($100 rebate included)

{COST: $500.00}



(Same – Day – Save) – need an outfit for Brunch? Meeting? Dinner? Date? We do all the work for you.  *This requires pre – payment and a 48 hour notice

{COST: your budget + booking fee}